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Installation problems

Hello everyone,

I'm installing RH8.0 on two machines. One machine installs without
problem, the other machine it starts well until it runs anaconda. From
there it asks me for language, type of keyboard and the type of media that
contains the packages to be installed. For type of media i select Local
CDROM, but it gives the error message that the Red Hat Linux CD was not
found in any of my CDROM drives.

>From there i get confused as i'm sure CD isn't corrupted, so i can suspect
that probably my CDROM drive has problems (also i don't want to believe
that as everytime i try, the error occurs at the same stage of
installation. I believe that if the CDROM has problems in reading, then
reading errors can occur at any stage of installation).

I've decided to ask this to the list just to know if such a problem can
occur even if the CDROM drive is working fine. If so, then please i need
suggestions how to solve it. If the CDROM drive is the problem then i can
handle the problem.


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