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Re: Installation problems

On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 08:16, JeffParkinson synergy com au wrote:
> I just had the same problem.  I downloaded the latest Redhat 9 from a
> mirror
> site, which downloads all of the RPMs as one (not the .iso files).
> I then split up the packages so that my cd's looked similar to the
> Redhat 8
> cd's I had bought previously, but when I try to use them for
> installation it doesn't
> recognise the first disk as Redhat bootable.  Even using the Redhat
> boot floppy
> I get the same conditions as below.

There are a few files that the install looks at to see if its a redhat
install cd or not.  They're not all obvious, eg .discinfo and such.  I
read a post by a redhat guy who explained it all...

> I have since downloaded the .iso files and I am in the process of
> burning them
> to see what the difference is.  I don't know why I can't get the
> others to work though.

No need to burn them.  You can install from iso's from your hd.  Its
faster and doesn't waste cd's.  The only thing you need to burn is the
boot.iso file in the images dir on cd1.  This is all the boot disks in
one iso.  You don't even need that, you could just make a boot floppy,
but I like the cd :)

> I ran the test media feature and didn't get anything reported and it
> tried to continue
> with the installation.  My CD actually spins up, it just can't
> retrieve what it is looking
> for.

Maybe because this only checks rpm CRC's or whatever they use, and not
the rest of the file on the disk.

Iain Buchanan <iain nospam pcorp com au>
"In case you were wondering, that was just for Zapp." 
	-Leela, after kissing Fry

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