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Re: Squid caching

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 03:28, JeffParkinson synergy com au wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am running the squid caching software and it was working fine,
> but just 2 days ago we started having problems downloading webpages.
> Typically, we would get most of the content and just be missing some
> pictures, but at other times the whole page would not load.
> Clicking refresh multiple times would end up loading the page correctly.
> Looking into the access and cache logs doesn't show any messages which
> point us in the direction of why it won't load.
> We flushed the cache and the pages loaded better, but later it just 
> started
> happening again, which leads me to think that I have a setting set wrong 
> or
> in need of increasing.  My cache size is set at 900MB, which should be 
> large
> enough for the amount of users we have.

is there enough space for the cache? I mean *more* than 900MB

can you post a 

	calamaris -p new -P 60 -s 

of the last access.log's ? also look for TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISS in the logs


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