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Re: Using the 'at' command

On 11:33 06 Nov 2003, Quillen, Channon <CQuillen txfb-ins com> wrote:
| I have been successful in running the 'at' command at a later time and date,
| however I would like to also like to be able to specify a certain number of
| minutes less.
| For example,
| This command will work: at -f /tmp/tmp1735.sh 11:27 11/06/03
| This command will not: at -f /tmp/tmp1735.sh 11:27-2 min 11/06/03

Try this:

	at -f /tmp/tmp1735.sh 11:27 11/06/03 -2min

i.e. don't drop it in the middle of the date. These things have
a sequence. Full syntax is in the file /usr/share/doc/at-3.1.8/timespec
(you may have to adjust for your version of at - the manual entry has
the appropriate string). It's clear from the syntax that you can both
add and subtract time _at_the_end_ of the spec. Snippet:

timespec        : spec_base
                | spec_base inc_or_dec

And off it goes. Very readable.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

With no clue of the technique, how can one hope to master the maneuver?
        - Ed Green

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