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Re: USB pen drive

On Thursday, Nov 27th 2003 at 23:23 -0000, quoth Andy Wallace:

=>On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 16:13, Ross Macintyre wrote:
=>> Hi,
=>>   I hope someone can help.
=>> I run a lab of RedHat Linux machines and want to be able to let the
=>> students mount their USB pen drives.
=>> I got a 512 MB drive, and this worked fine:
=>>   an entry was made in /etc/fstab, and I mounted it (as the user that was
=>> logged in), using 'mount /mnt/diskonkey'.
=>>   mount shows this:
=>>      /dev/sdb1 on /mnt/diskonkey type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev)
=>> I gor another USB pen drive (128MB), but when I insert this, no entry is
=>> made in /etc/fstab. I am, however, able to mount it as root, by giving the
=>> command 'mount -t vfat /dev/sda1(or /dev/sdb1 I can't remember) /mnta'
=>My experiences may be of use to you - I'm responsible for tech support
=>for a large number of testers who all have USB pen drives, and who all
=>may at some time put them into any one of four dozen PCs running the
=>application they're testing...
=>My experience has been that the first pen drive inserted (after boot) is
=>assigned /dev/sda, the 2nd, /dev/sdb etc etc, and although
=>/proc/bus/usb/devices keeps tabs on what's attached, /proc/scsi/*
=>remembers all previous. However, it has a property "Attached" or
=>"Unattached" which I use in a script to parse through
=>/proc/scsi/usb-storage-n/n (n=0-255), stopping at the first "Attached",
=>then translating that into (0=a, 1=b) etc. to detect which device to
=>This is using SuSE 8.2, which makes an auto entry in fstab of
=>/mnt/<randomlookingstring>, but my script mounts it elsewhere - you
=>don't have to use fstab.
=>If you want the code snippet that does this, let me know - I don't have
=>it in front of me now or I'd attach it.

I'd just like to add one more thing: Read this month's Linux Journal. 
There's a whole article there on how it works and it goes into a fair 
amount of detail. Just one thing before you actually get to the article 
though. When you actually mount don't forget to use -o noatime, otherwise 
everytime you say ls it will write on the filesystem. And the drive does 
have a limited number of writes available.

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