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RE: Shared user questions.....


Thanks for the response... and yes.. you have missed somethings...  neither
www.sourceforge.net or www.collab.net allow you to do complete project
development, up to/including the testing of an application. Additionally.
we're not interested in creating open source applications.

So, in essence, we want/need to create something similar, but with more
functionality for our own usage....



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On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 05:31, bruce wrote:
> If I set up a basic linux box, assume it's a 1GHz, 1GMem, 80GHD, how
> difficult is it to configure the box, so a given user can only access the
> files in his section of the hard drive.

This is naturally a part of any linux system.  Distro's may differ
slightly with permissions, but they all use the same principles.

>  We're looking at setting up an
> internal development environment for software development. As an
> we want to make sure our users have access to only their files...

Each file has an owner and group id.  You can set permissions for files
so that only specific owners/groups can read/write each file.  For
example, you can set up each users home directory, so only they can see
anything in there, but no-one else can.  Or you can set them up so that
users can see in each other's directories, but only the owner may change
their files, etc etc.

> The closest thing that we've seen to kind of describe what we're looking
> create would be www.sourceforge.net or www.collab.net.

Unless I missed something, I don't see why you need extra tools to do
this job.

> If you have experience building/developing this kind of system, we'd like
> talk with you as well...

Iain Buchanan <iain pcorp com au>

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