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Re: Trouble mounting a CD Rom Drive

help codefit com wrote:


Was having trouble today mounting a CD rom drive in a RH 8 2.4 box today.  I
put in a blank CD-R and tried several commands such as ‘mount /dev/cdrom’
mount /mnt/cdrom and either got cdrom not found errors or can’t find media

Is this a CD-ROM or a CD-R/RW? Assuming it's a CD-R/RW, the correct mount command would be something like:

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

but, since this is a blank CD-R, then you really don't want to mount it, and you certainly don't want to format it. If you want to burn data to it, then 'man cdrecord' or try the xcdroast gui.

Can anyone give me any suggestions or idea as to what I did wrong?  I was
trying to format a new blank disk and then write to it.  I rarely use it so
cd roms in a linux box is fairly new to me.  I was also reading my RH 8
Linux server book by Kabir and it is very thin on CD rom mounting and

You can format or erase a CDRW, but not a CD-R. Once a CD-R is written and the session is closed, you cannot write to it again. A quick google search found this page which looks good:


Should I have used an mt or mnt command instead?

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