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Re: viewing/editing files at SMB locations

> It seems as though the various programs I use to view/edit
> files, such as Gedit or Vi, are not able to view or access files
> at SMB locations. Can anyone recommend a good editor that can
> both view and edit text files and RTF files at SMB locations?

Hmmm - I access several windows networks from several of my linux boxes, and
never saw that problem?  What I do is smbmount the shares I need, and from
then on, I never think of the data/files being on a windows network, linux
or anything else. It's just a cd away, and all my programs sees the files as

Only windows (to my knowledge) has the idea of you needing to specify the
physical aspect of a resource location. I like the way Unix has done this
from the get-go - you don't care if your data is on one huge disk, several
small ones, networked, memory based etc. - they are all part of the same
logical structure. It's up to the drivers to find out what to do - not the
application developer/user.

Best Regards
  Peter Larsen

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