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Re: viewing/editing files at SMB locations

OK ... I think what I am seeing is normal. The
file '.Trash-jason' is exactly what is says it is - 
a trash or recycle 'bin' if I may call it that. Files
you delete on the share get recorded here and placed in 
your local recycle bin. (That's nifty - my windows 2000 
machine didn't do that!)

A process needs to run in memory in order to make this
happen, but I don't know why such a process would still
be attached to my mount command. Still haven't figured that
one out!


On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 14:07, Jason Dale wrote:
> Hi again, 
> I find that myself too, which is why I use 'ps -elf' to
> try and pick out which processes where still hanging on to
> the SMB mount, because um-mounting tends to be unsuccessful because
> the system still thinks the device/mount is in use even when it's not!
> Even mounting the SMB share in the file S99local in run-level 5
> seems to produce the following process and leaves it in the process
> table. Sometimes there is more than one instance of the same thing:
> # ps -elf | grep -i smbmnt
> 1 S root      1466     1  0  84   0    -  1171 pause  13:54 ?       
> 00:00:00 /usr/bin/smbmount //maxxsrv/maxxess /mnt/smbmnt -o username
> jason password XXXXX gid 501 uid 500 fmask 664 dmask 755
> # lsof | grep -i smbmnt 
> fam       1616   jason   28r   DIR        0,8     4096         3
> /mnt/smbmnt/.Trash-jason
> The list open files command reports a file called '.Trash-jason', 
> and I assume this is why there is a sleeping process attached
> to my smbmount command. It might be waiting around for something to
> happen to cause it to terminate or do something else. Still looks
> pretty suspect though, like the SMB share was mounted successfully
> (it did) but the smbmount command did not catch on.
> Jason
> On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 10:10, H M Kunzmann wrote:
> > > I edited /etc/group and added myself to the group 'users'.
> > > The 'fuser'command is useful for killing any processes attached
> > > to the SMB mount when I am tring to un-mount it.
> > 
> > I've found that sometimes, even fuser doesn't point out everything.
> > In these circumstances, I've found it useful to use 
> > # lsof | grep <mount point>
> > to get the process id of the process using it.

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