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[Fwd: Sawfish Windows manager + tarballs]

This message was originally sent to the shrike mailing list, 
(RH9) but I did not get any response.

I would appreciate any input!


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Hi all, 

I am running Red Hat Linux 9 on an AMD athlon 1.2 Ghz.

I have two questions: 

1) I am battling to find a way to configure the size/appearance of 
   windows in the GNOME desktop, because it often happens that
   I will start a program (For example, the K3B cd burner config 
   window) and the window is too darned huge for me to actually
   get to the bottom where the 'forward', 'back', 'OK', 'cancel'
   etc. buttons are. What's more, in many cases I can't even
   resize the menu windows manually.

   I tried to use the sawfish Windows manager, in 
   'Preferences --> more preferences --> sawfish windows manager'
   [ GNOME desktop ]. However, when I try to open any of the programs
   like Window placement or Window appearance, nothing happens.
   I access the same set of programs from the 'start here' icon on the
   desktop, and the same thing - I try to run the application and 
   nothing happens.

   Any ideas on what could be causing this?

2) Based on 1), I tried upgrading my sawfish package (version 1.2-5)
   and got a tarball package for sawfish-1.3. I ran 
   ./configure --enable-capplet , make all , make install in the
   unpacked sawfish directory, according to the README instructions.

   When running an rpm -qa | grep -i sawfish I notice that the system
   still shows version 1.2-5 in the rpmdatabase. How do I install in   
   such a way that the system will also update its RPM database?
   (With source RPM's, one could use rpmbuild to achieve this, but I
    am not sure how to get it to work with tarballs)

Thanks a stack, 


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