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Re: Configuring Apache

Am Di, den 28.10.2003 schrieb Blessing Kamutande um 19:00:

> Http.conf File
> <VirtualHost www.loveness.co.zw>
>   DocumentRoot /www/love/love.htm
>   ServerName www.loveness.co.zw
> </VirtualHost>
> <VirtualHost www.kamutande.co.zw>
>  DocumentRoot /www/kamutande/kamas.htm
>  ServerName www.kamutande.co.zw
> </VirtualHost>

Just above the first <VirtualHost ....> directive you should have this
directive (only once)

NameVirtualHost [yourIpNumber]


Instead of an IP number you can use the character * to listen to all
interfaces which are installed into the machine.

The directive <VirtualHost ...> should read:

<VirtualHost ip.address.of.host.some_domain.com>
<VirtualHost * >

You should use the IP adress of the interface, which the virtual server
should listen to. The name of the virtual server is defined with a
ServerName host.some_domain.com  directive. Again, the character * is
used to listen on any interface of the machine. 

Good luck


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