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kickstart from cdrom


I want to create a cd that will boot, and automatically install a custom (kickstart) version of RedHat 8.

I want the ks.cfg on the CD as well as the necessary packages for the kickstart installation. Is this possible?

I have previously been successful at setting up kickstart installs to boot from a floppy/CD and use install media from NFS, FTP, and HTTP.

So on the bootable cd, I have the following files right at the root:  

general.msg, isolinux.cfg, options.msg, snake.msg, vmlinuz, boot.cat, initrd.img, ks.cfg, param.msg, splash.lss, boot.msg, isolinux.bin, ldlinux.sys, rescue.msg, syslinux-splash.png

And I have the RedHat/RPMS/ directory in the root directory as well, which contains all of the necessary RPMS for my custom install.

I have specified in the isolinux.cfg file:
default ks
label ks
  kernel vmlinuz
  append ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg initrd=initrd.img lang=en_us devfs=nomount ramdisk_size=9216

I have also specified in the ks.cfg file:
#installation media

When I boot the CD with this configuration, it boots into the linux install, but it acts like it can't find the ks.cfg file because it goes straight into the "language selection" page.
CDROM install is not an option.

Has anyone else done this?  Is this not possible?

Thanks for any help.

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