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Localhost is bad

During the linux startup on my RH 8.0 Dell Dimension 4600,  I see this 
message "Localhost is bad" when lpd starts (however lpd still gets "OK").

When starting Gnome as root there is this message:

"Could not look up internet address for localhost.localdomain.
This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly.
It may be possible to correct the problem by adding
localhost.localdomain to the file /etc/hosts."

I have done that (added the one line localhost.localdomain), however the 
above messages persist.

I have set up the network adapter and ADSL internet connection which work 
fine (I documented this saga in a number of earlier posts). ifconfig shows 
appropriate values for eth0 and Io

The localhost error seems to affect the lpd; I have set up my Epson C82 
printer using printtool, but a test page will not print. It offers a choice 
of 6 test pages including 3 in Japanese. It seems there is a non-existent but 
troublesome Japanese text server (canna) running.

When logging off, I get:
 localhost cannakill: Cannot kill server, because server is run by another 
 localhost canna: Stopping cannaserver: failed
also:  localhost lpd: lpd lpd shutdown failed

I see there is a file etc/hosts.canna that has a single word, unix.

I tried to edit my network adapter settings in case they were the source of 
the bad localhost. However when I edited the hosts and domain sections in the 
Network Device Control, the Control crashed; on restarting it says the 
network adapter is inactive, even though it is in fact active. If I attempt 
to redo all the entries in this Control, it crashes each time.

I seem to be in a hole and probably need to stop digging, however any help 
would be much appreciated! Apparently I am not clear about how to find the 
correct internet address for localhost.local domain, and to pass it to the OS.


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