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re: Localhost is bad

I  solved this problem. I noted that the Dim4600 connects to the
 internet via a shared ADSL modem, and is connected to the modem via a hub. A
 second PC called "localhost alpha" running RH7.2 that is connected to the 
hub lists a  previous PC (sold some time ago) called "localhost beta" in its 
etc/hosts  file.    hosts reads:	localhost.localdomain alpha localhost	beta.home.net beta	alpha.home.net alpha

As a result alpha tells the Dim4600 that its localhost.localdomain
 name is beta. When I edited /etc/hosts on Dim4600 and inserted the line localhost.localdomain beta localhost
(this is what alpha was looking for) the problem was solved, ie localhost is
 no longer bad. This means lpd now works. alpha can now ping the Dim4600.

The other issue about the canna.server was resolved by looking at the Gnome
 menu Server Settings/Services. I found a list of services and canna was
 ticked - removing the tick solved this problem.

sorry about this unnecessary noise!


When starting Gnome as root there is this message:

"Could not look up internet address for localhost.localdomain.
This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly.
It may be possible to correct the problem by adding
localhost.localdomain to the file /etc/hosts."

I have done that (added the one line localhost.localdomain), however the
above messages persist.

I have set up the network adapter and ADSL internet connection which work
fine (I documented this saga in a number of earlier posts). ifconfig shows
appropriate values for eth0 and Io


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