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downloading BIG mail folders over 56K

Hi all, 

We have several clients who have dial-up accounts across a WAN 
that point to our Linux servers to send and receive their mail.

What tends to happen is that they don't download their mail regularly, 
and their mail folders start growing to huge sizes. Then they try 
to download all 20+ Megs of their mail over a 56 K connection,
all at once. As you might have guessed, this is like trying to suck a 
golf ball through a garden hose. 

Does anyone know of a utility that can 'break up' a huge mail folder into
seperate messages and store them temporarily somewhere else, and then
send one message at a time to the same account, at set intervals ?

The way I solve it right now is to download the messages onto my PC
across a faster LAN connection, and then manually send them to the 
recipient one by one. I am looking for a tool that can automate much of 
the work involved. Must support Sendmail, and if possible, Exim as well.



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