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Re: Tape Backup device not found error when using mt

support codefit com wrote:

Is this a new scsi card? Have you checked for proper termination of the
scsi bus? When you installed the DLT, did kudzu recognize it and ask you
if you wanted to configure it?

I got...

st                     31628   0  (autoclean) (unused)
scsi_mod              107576   3  [st aacraid sd_mod]

Yes it's a new card, just installed today, it's an Adaptec 39160 Ultra 160
SCSI controller.  Yes kudzu did recognize it and I could config but just let
it default.  Actually I don't think it's configurable because the manual
said it's auto config with a preset scsi ID of 7.

This could be a problem. Do a 'grep -i aic /var//log/messages' and check the scsi id of the 39160. If it's set to 7, and the DLT is set to 7, you will have problems.

Try a:

cat /proc/scsi/scsi

This should tell you what devices are attached, and give their scsi id's. If your DLT is the first tape drive on the system, it should be st0.

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