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filesystem trashed

Hello all,
a few days I decided to upgrade my system with some new memory, don't know if the memory was trashed or incompatible types, but the system ran for about 3 hours then locked up, couldn't get in on the console or telnet, so I had to slam it down. When I rebooted it, it complained about a trashed file system so I ran e2fsck on it, while e2fsck was running, the kernel paniced. Took me awhile to figure out what the problem was, so I put the original memory back in, this allowed e2fsck to run to completion without panicing, the result, unfortunately, was the filesystem got trashed, everything got put into lost+found. The good news, if there is any, is that this was not my primary partition, the boot partition was fine as are the other 2 partitions, just this one. As luck would have it, this partition is where I had alot of stuff that was fairly important. I have a backup, but it's not real recent.

My question is, do I have any hope of recovering anything on this filesystem. I have made some changes on the filesystem since the disaster ( ie: copied some stuff around) , so I'm sure some of the old inodes and such have been overwritten, I'd like to hear of anyone who has actually recovered stuff after a failure like this, or will I be better off simply taking the painstaking route of manually going through the lost+found and picking out what I can.

thanks in advance


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