[Pulp-dev] Update: Blocking Issues In Redmine

Sean Myers sean.myers at redhat.com
Wed Nov 2 19:10:34 UTC 2016

Based on recent discussions, I've gone ahead and made some minor changes
to Redmine (which, in turn, slightly changes our process). Over the years
we've had various ways of trying to identify blocking issues in Redmine.

Based on the usefulness of the (relatively) new "Target Platform Release"
field, I've added a similar "Blocks Release" field. The link between an
issue's priority and its blocking status has been broken: An Urgent issue
is no longer a blocker, by definition. Only setting the "Blocks Release"
field will cause this issue to show up in the "Open Blockers" report:


Current open blockers have been modified accordingly.

I also took this opportunity to make a minor change to another field:
The aforementioned "Target Platform Release" field has been renamed
to "Platform Release", both for brevity, and because the "Target"
prefix has ambiguous meaning once a release is pushed.

I have not yet updated our process docs to reflect these changes, but will
get that done shortly (once all the builds related to the 2.10.1 release
rollback are done).

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