[Pulp-dev] Upcoming epel6 Dependency Issues

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Wed Nov 2 19:10:20 UTC 2016

It seems that the mongodb and Django14 packages in EPEL6 are going to be
changing in some big ways. It's still early in the conversation, but here
is what I've learned at the EPSCO (EPel Steering COmmitee) meeting today[0].

mongodb 2.4 is not supported upstream from epel and EPSCO approved an
upgrade of mongodb in epel6. It will likely be to a 3.x based version. It
will first be pushed to epel-testing first. What is the newest mongodb that
we are compatible with? do we know?

One idea I have is to create pulp-smash test jobs which are testing pulp
using bits from epel-testing in addition to epel-release. That will help us
identify issues before one day it just breaks on us.

Also, Django14 is on the short list to be pulled from epel6 due to upstream
not supporting it and is unmaintained from a cve perspective. Everyone
recognizes now that it must be replaced with something versus what happened
last time of having it just removed. The current thinking is to add
python34 (not scl) to epel6 and add python-django 1.8 to epel6 also. The
will be discussed again at the EPSCO meeting next week on Thursday 11/2 at
18:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on freenode. I'm planning to attend, but come
if you're interested.

This still isn't great for Pulp 2.y on EL6. Pulp will break when Django14
is removed, even if Django 1.8 is available because Pulp 2.y and all of its
deps would have to be updated to run in the Python 3.4 runtime. I believe
this will likely happen before Pulp 3 is even released. I don't think we're
going to switch the EL6 runtime to Python 3.4 for Pulp 2.y, so we need to
think carefully about our options here.

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