[Pulp-dev] Pulp logo with new fonts

Ina Panova ipanova at redhat.com
Wed Nov 23 16:14:13 UTC 2016


take a look at the changes that have been done [0]:

- leaves are a bit shrunk, so they will not draw that much attention and now logo is more proportional
- the middle hole is also shrunk a bit, for the same reason as leaves
- font changed
- the distance between elements is increased so logo would be seen better when it changes in sizes(big/small)
- note the favicon
- taker a look how logo looks like on light and dark background [1] [2]

If you want to play more, here is the logo version [3] you can upload here [4]

Number 2 was my crazy idea to try with centralized leaves and segments but seems like it does not look good.

[0] http://imgur.com/a/Vx0CO
[1] http://placeit.net/916de6bd7841d12
[2] http://placeit.net/09793f7b984339c
[3] http://i.imgur.com/uKmypXY.png
[4] https://placeit.net/c/apparel/stages/pullover-hoodie-mockup-of-a-girl-inside-an-abandoned-wagon-a12486?f_devices=woman

Let me know your thoughts and ideas.


Ina Panova
Software Engineer| Pulp| Red Hat Inc.

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