[Pulp-dev] Does everything live in pulp.app?

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Thu Sep 15 15:47:51 UTC 2016

I'm thinking of this in the context of my conversion of the tasking 
system to use the new Django-based models. As part of that transition 
the "tasking system code" is moving out of 
pulp/server/pulp/server/async/* and moving into 
pulp/app/pulp/app/tasks/* This will make imports to taking system code 
import from pulp.app.tasks

I'm wondering if moving it to pulp.tasks would be a better home? Along 
with that line of thinking, we would only put code in the Django app 
which Django uses. Views, Models, Migrations, Settings, Middleware. 
Things like that.

This would cause any number of python packages to live as 
pulp.<mypackagename> instead of pulp.app.<mypackagename>

In summary, my two questions are:

1) Should a thing like the tasks module live in pulp.app.tasks or 

2) If it does live at pulp.app.tasks should we always import it as 
pulp.app.tasks or should I instead do:

from django.db.models import get_app
pulp_tasks_module = get_app('pulp').tasks

Right now I lean towards placing the code at pulp.tasks and using normal 
Python importing like "from pulp import tasks".

What do you think?


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