[Pulp-dev] Repo version implementation

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Tue Dec 12 14:28:55 UTC 2017

> Regarding the second option: What happens if I (as a user) add a content
>> unit to a repo, later remove it, later add it again, and later remove it
>> again? Would this result in two "version_added" and two "version_removed"
>> records?
> That’s correct except for one small detail: version_added and
> version_removed are two fields on a single model called
> RepositoryContent[0]. So it’s really two records total and not four.
> It kind of brings up another point: when you remove a version where
> content was removed but then re-added later, you end up with two
> RepositoryContent records pointing to the same version. It’s an odd result
> but not only minor in terms of severity[1]. We should look at perhaps
> fixing it though if we adopt proposal #2.
> [0] https://git.io/vbExy (note that they’re called vadded and vremoved in
> the PR)
> [1] https://git.io/vbEpI

Gotcha. So, if I want to see whether or not some given piece of content is
in a repository, then I need to iterate through every RepositoryContent
related to a given RepositoryVersion, and check to see if any have a
non-null version_added and a null version_removed, right?

Works. A bit awkward, though.
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