[Pulp-dev] Repo version implementation

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Tue Dec 12 21:31:18 UTC 2017

> That's already done and isolated in one place. You would just access
myversion.content() to get a queryset, and use it like any other. There
should be no need for a plugin writer to see or understand the join logic,
regardless of what that logic is.

I see. As far as plugin writers are concerned, it's an implementation

> The other motivation was the issue of scale. Postgresql is a great
database, but lots of data is lots of data. Consider a user with 10 repos,
10k content units in each, and 10 versions of each. That's a very small use
case, and already would be 1M associations under option 1. As any of those
numbers increase, you quickly get to hundreds of millions of associations
for even a medium-sized deployment, which can have real impact on query
performance, index size (you want your index in RAM when possible), index
updates, not to mention the time it takes for a database backup (or
restore!). So if you want to go with option 1, I encourage seeking
realistic performance expectations first.

Performance has a real impact on whether we retain customers.
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