[Pulp-dev] Crane redirects - internal and external content

Mihai Ibanescu mihai.ibanescu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 16:29:37 UTC 2017


In our current setup, we have a purely internal pulp deployment, that
publishes to an NFS share.

HTTP frontend machines handle the cert-based authn/authz and serve the
content from the NFS share.

We have an internal set of HTTP frontend machines, and an internal customer
has access to published content for all development stages (dev/test/prod).

We also have an external set of HTTP frontend machines, that handle
external customer requests, and only serve the prod stage. Content from the
internal NFS share is selectively rsynced into the external disk share.

This all works great for rpm and such.

I believe there is a problem with docker. We would have one internal and
one external crane deployment, as expected. Content would be rsynced, as
usual. However, because the redirect URL is "baked" into the redirect json
files, the external Crane would redirect to the internal system, which is
not helpful.

We would prefer not to republish / recreate the redirect files in our
transition from internal to external content.

One way to handle this would be a Crane configuration option that directs
crane to rewrite the redirect URL. In that case, internal and external
crane systems would be configured differently.

The questions:
* Is there such an option in Crane? (looking at the code, I believe the
answer is no)
* Is there a feature request for something like this already?
* If not, do you agree what I've described above is a valid customer use
case, and should I file it as a feature request?

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