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Thanks for asking. That feature was removed as we converted our data layer
to use the "mongoengine" library. The linking feature was theoretically
used by the pulp_rpm plugin to link errata with RPMs, but the links
themselves were never actually used by any feature or behavior. So in the
process of reviewing and converting the data model, we decided to leave
that out.

For the documentation, it sounds like we should just remove references to
that behavior. I created this bug report to track it, and anyone is welcome
to make a pull request with the changes: https://pulp.plan.io/issues/2877

What use case do you have in mind? Are you working on a plugin? Depending
on what you are hoping to accomplish and when, it might make more sense to
think about plugin development on Pulp 3. We would be very happy to hear
about your plans and discuss options.


On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 9:59 AM, Matthias Dellweg <dellweg at atix.de> wrote:

> In the developer guide, i have found the reference, that a given unit type
> can reference other units (referenced_types in 'Type Definitions' ->
> 'Attributes').
> I also read, that in the importer you can call 'link_unit' to 'establish
> any relationships between units' (in 'Importers' -> 'Functionality' ->
> 'Synchronize an External Respository').
> Sadly, that is all i could find on the topic.
> As far as i understand, it is up to you, what the relationship means,
> which is good for my problem (bundling packages into categories).
> But a few questions come to my mind:
> Is it a one-to-many relationship?
> Do you need to specify the referenced_types on the 'one' side, on the
> 'many' side or on both unit_types? ... or are these completely independent
> features?
> How do you recover the related/linked units (e.g. in the publisher)?
> Is the lack of documentation an indicator that this not a stable feature?
> If i knew more, i would be happy to work on the documentation, too.
> Thanks in advance,
>   Matthias
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