[Pulp-dev] file repository type

Tom McKay thomasmckay at redhat.com
Mon Jun 5 10:41:02 UTC 2017

I'd like to sync individual files and folders (recursively?) into pulp via
foreman. Apparently, though, I need to create a pulp manifest in order to
upload. Is this necessary or can pulp do it for me? Or should I build this
into foreman? @ehelms provided a gist of the steps[1] and it seems pretty
basic and something pulp could be doing itself.

My use case is that I wanted to import a build file for openshift from
github, then promote that file (and other artifacts) through foreman's life
cycle environments. A lot of demos and tutorials for openshift start from
git and other non-local components.

[1] https://gist.github.com/ehelms/3fd956ee887db3d7bac20b29efa3dd51
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