[Pulp-dev] linking units in pulp

Matthias Dellweg dellweg at atix.de
Thu Jun 29 13:59:00 UTC 2017

In the developer guide, i have found the reference, that a given unit type can reference other units (referenced_types in 'Type Definitions' -> 'Attributes').
I also read, that in the importer you can call 'link_unit' to 'establish any relationships between units' (in 'Importers' -> 'Functionality' -> 'Synchronize an External Respository').
Sadly, that is all i could find on the topic.

As far as i understand, it is up to you, what the relationship means, which is good for my problem (bundling packages into categories).
But a few questions come to my mind:

Is it a one-to-many relationship?
Do you need to specify the referenced_types on the 'one' side, on the 'many' side or on both unit_types? ... or are these completely independent features?
How do you recover the related/linked units (e.g. in the publisher)?
Is the lack of documentation an indicator that this not a stable feature?

If i knew more, i would be happy to work on the documentation, too.

Thanks in advance,

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