[Pulp-dev] We need a new "closed" state in redmine.

Michael Hrivnak mhrivnak at redhat.com
Tue Mar 28 19:47:47 UTC 2017

In redmine, we do not currently have a reasonable state for a "Task" to be
in once it is complete. A task could be something like:

- update the Pulp website
- perform a packaging activity related to Pulp in Fedora
- create a detailed plan for how to implement something

As a reminder, here are all of the current "closed" states:


The output of such tasks does not become part of a Pulp release, so the
state "closed - currentrelease" does not make sense. Neither do any of the
other "closed - " states we have right now. Here are two options to
consider adding:

"CLOSED" - It is simple and covers all potential reasons not listed as an
explicit option. The downside is that it provides no information about
whether the work got done. Did you close it because you finished the work?
Or because the task became irrelevant? Or some other reason?

"CLOSED - COMPLETE" or "CLOSED - DONE" - Something like that has the
advantage of being clear that the reason for closing it is that the work
got done.

I lean toward the more explicit option that clearly represents the work as
having been done, but I also see a case for the general option. Or maybe

What do you all think?

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