[Pulp-dev] PUP-3: Proposal to change our git workflow

Austin Macdonald amacdona at redhat.com
Fri May 26 17:18:33 UTC 2017

Currently, "The general rule is to always choose the oldest upstream branch
that will need to contain your work." [0] In practice, this means that
bugfixes will default to an x.y-dev branch (and therefore a z release). The
PUP-3 process would include bugfixes in x.y-dev only if we actively decide
to cherry-pick it back. I assume that this would lead to fewer bugfixes in
z releases and more bugfixes in y releases.

If we religiously follow semantic versioning and have a short, reliable
release process, I hope our bugfixes will be consumed by updating to the
latest Y release of Pulp. Put another way, I think that cherry-picks are a
great idea IFF we use them less often than we currently merge forward.

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