[Pulp-dev] python namespace proposal

Michael Hrivnak mhrivnak at redhat.com
Thu May 11 15:59:08 UTC 2017

We had a brainstorm session today to re-evaluate the previously-identified
options, and try to come up with some new ones. None of the
previously-identified options had enough support to be chosen. See the
thread "PyPI names for Pulp3" for background.

To re-cap, we are focused on two related questions:

1. What python namespace should Pulp use, since we cannot continue to use

2. What PyPI package names should we use?

I pitched an idea for 1 that everyone on the call liked, which is
"pulpcore". It could alternatively be "pulp_core", although my pinky finger
prefers the former. The group of roughly 10 people who participated in the
discussion are recommending "pulpcore" for consideration as the python
namespace to replace "pulp". Please add your feedback to this thread.

"core" is likable because it implies a plugin architecture. It's similar to
the word "platform" that we've used extensively, but shorter (which people
liked), and perhaps slightly more descriptive (which people also liked).

from pulpcore import streamer

We discussed renaming what is currently "pulp.platform" to something more
descriptive. "platform" is a word that's been with us a long time, but it's
worth re-considering, especially if we shift to a similar word such as
"core". "pulpcore.platform" seems awkward.

A proposal is "pulpcore.apps", since that code is all directly related to
the celery app and django app.

Python namespaces would include:


For python package names, they would look something like this:

pip install pulpcore
pip install pulpcore_cli
pip install pulpcore_streamer
pip install pulpcore_common

Plugins would continue to use their existing namespace and package names,
with whatever variations are appropriate in Pulp 3. For example:

import pulp_rpm.plugins
pip install pulp_rpm_plugins

Thoughts? Those of you who were part of the discussion, please chime in
with any additional points you'd like to highlight.


Michael Hrivnak

Principal Software Engineer, RHCE

Red Hat
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