[Pulp-dev] [pulp 3] proposed change to publishing REST api

Jeff Ortel jortel at redhat.com
Mon Oct 23 14:56:23 UTC 2017

This is interesting.

Some thoughts:

If adopted, I propose the publication task create the publication and pass to the publisher which would
require a change in the plugin API - Publisher.publish(publication).  If the publisher fails, I think the
publication should be deleted.

On 10/19/2017 02:27 PM, Dennis Kliban wrote:
> @jortel and I have been discussing[0] how a user should find out what publication was created after a request
> is made to http://localhost:8000/api/v3/repositories/foo/publishers/example/bar/publish/
> I propose that we get rid of the above URL from our REST API and add ability to POST to
> http://localhost:8000/api/v3/repositories/foo/publishers/example/bar/publications/ instead. The response would
> be a 201. Each publication would have a task associated with it.

Associated how?  I hope you are not suggesting adding Publication.task_id (FK).  I don't think that would be a
good idea.

I still like the idea of adding Publication.name as a natural key that can be specified by the user.  It can
default to the task ID when not specified.  This gives users something meaningful to use when selecting a
publication for association to a Distribution or when deleting.

> This work would probably be done by whoever picks up issue 3033[1].
> [0] https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3035
> [1] https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3033
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