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[Pulp-dev] Is it time to commit our migrations?

Today I filed and fixed https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3012, which is an issue related to creating the migrations in the right order. It is a temporary problem that we will have until we take the step of committing the migrations to version control.

The reason migrations are not in git right now is that the models have changed often.

Reasons to do this now:
1) Our models are more stable now.
2) We don't want teach our alpha users how to use django migration tools.
3) We permanently solve the migration order issue. 

If we do commit them, we will still be flexible to change our models. In the past, upgrading from an alpha or beta to a new alpha or beta is not supported, so I think it would be acceptable to blow away the migrations and create all new ones all the way up until 3.0 GA. In fact, it would be nice to have a minimal set of migrations at that time without any artifacts of our development up to that point.

If everyone agrees that now is the time, how should we do it? It seems to me like we should include new migrations with each model change in the same PR. We start fresh only if there are conflicts or if we want to do a "fresh" release.

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