[Pulp-dev] Pulp Code Owners

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Mon Aug 13 21:29:06 UTC 2018

We have come up with initial proposal of how to use code owners feature in
Pulp. Feedback on the initial proposal below is welcome. I will try to
collect the feedback and open a PUP by the end of the week. Thanks!

# Problem Statement

For Pulp's review process, there are several areas we could improve:

1. It’s not always clear who should review files. Over time we have
developed subject matter experts for different areas of the codebase, but
these are not codified anywhere. It would be useful for us to define teams
need to review projects using code owners.

2. PRs go unnoticed. Github has a request-review feature, but only members
of the github organization can click 'request review' button. It would be
great if when a PR is opened people automatically received PR review

# Team Examples

Functional Tests - The QE Team should be code owners of functional tests
that test core or core-maintained plugins
The Tasking System  - bmbouter, daviddavis, and dalley are the SME in this

# Solution

1. Configure the code-owners feature of Github (
https://blog.github.com/2017-07-06-introducing-code-owners/). It will allow
a team of 2 or more people to be notified and asked for review when a PR
modifies a file within a certain area of the code.

2. Require code-owner review to merge. This is described in this section:

# Process

The code owner role is not related to the commit bit. It's designed to get
better reviews. Well reviewed work can be confidently merged by anyone with
the commit bit.

To make a change to code owners, open a PR with the changes, and call for a
lazy consensus vote by mailing list. Similar to the PUP decision making
process, voting must be open for 10 days, and the committers of the
respective repository are voting.

The code owners file itself should be owned by the core committers of the
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