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Bryan Kearney bkearney at redhat.com
Tue Aug 14 14:36:26 UTC 2018

On 08/13/2018 05:29 PM, David Davis wrote:
> # Problem Statement
> For Pulp's review process, there are several areas we could improve:
> 1. It’s not always clear who should review files. Over time we have
> developed subject matter experts for different areas of the codebase,
> but these are not codified anywhere. It would be useful for us to define
> teams need to review projects using code owners.
> 2. PRs go unnoticed. Github has a request-review feature, but only
> members of the github organization can click 'request review' button. It
> would be great if when a PR is opened people automatically received PR
> review requests.
> # Team Examples
> Functional Tests - The QE Team should be code owners of functional tests
> that test core or core-maintained plugins
> The Tasking System  - bmbouter, daviddavis, and dalley are the SME in
> this area
> # Solution
> 1. Configure the code-owners feature of Github
> (https://blog.github.com/2017-07-06-introducing-code-owners/). It will
> allow a team of 2 or more people to be notified and asked for review
> when a PR modifies a file within a certain area of the code.
> 2. Require code-owner review to merge. This is described in this
> section:
> https://blog.github.com/2017-07-06-introducing-code-owners/#an-extra-layer-of-code-security
> # Process
> The code owner role is not related to the commit bit. It's designed to
> get better reviews. Well reviewed work can be confidently merged by
> anyone with the commit bit.
> To make a change to code owners, open a PR with the changes, and call
> for a lazy consensus vote by mailing list. Similar to the PUP decision
> making process, voting must be open for 10 days, and the committers of
> the respective repository are voting.
> The code owners file itself should be owned by the core committers of
> the repository.
If the problem statement is a slowdown in PRs, how does limiting who can
do the review/merge solve the issue?

-- bk

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