[Pulp-dev] Retrospective on pulp_deb / devel breakage

Dennis Kliban dkliban at redhat.com
Mon Jul 2 18:19:12 UTC 2018

Matthias, thank you for sending this note to the list. I am sorry for the
headache all these changes had caused.

It would have been easier to address all these problems 1 at a time as they
arose. However, with no development on pulp_deb in the last month, there
was no human to catch the problems. The best way to ensure this doesn't
happen again is to add automation that runs our devel installer for each
plugin we package. For Pulp 2, this automation would need to run on
something like CentOS-CI[0] so anyone in the community could contribute. We
are in a much better position for Pulp 3 already. The integration tests
that we already run daily for Pulp 3 plugins using Travis should be
sufficient for identifying developer setup problems there.

[0] https://ci.centos.org/


On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 3:59 PM, Matthias Dellweg <dellweg at atix.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> i have kindly been asked to write a few lines about my recent discovery
> of breakage of the vagrant development environment for pulp2.
> I do not want to do the finger pointing game (figure you all know how
> to use git blame ^^), but i was astonished, how long this bug that
> breakes the simple `vagrant up` has gone unnoticed.
> To the history:
> It all started with the wizards duell. In the former times, pulp_deb
> potion makers needed some special python ingredients that were not
> bottled by the pulp craftsmen. In order to summon said liquids, an
> arcane spell was added to the pulp-dev spell book to conjure them
> directly from the lower pip planes in strict accordance to the version
> requirements on the spec parchment.
> Time evolved, and the pulp juice distribution inc. decided to add this
> extraordinary flavour to their regular assortment. So all the
> ingredients needed to be industrialized too. The arcane spell however
> continued its work uninterrupted and unnoticed in the R&D department.
> At least until Thursday 1st of March 2018, when pulp HQ adapted a new
> production line and transferred the precious spec parchments to a fully
> temperature-controlled safeplace. Obviously no one has entered the
> pulp_deb labs until the end of June, just to find all the beakers and
> test tubes broken.
> On Mon 21st of May 2018 pulp's packaging engineers decided on a new
> slick bottle design fc28, however their koji filling machine seems to be
> incompatible. So the rescue attempt to order the special ingredients
> from the assembly line only lead to empty crates, until the order was
> changed to require the equally capable bottle design fc27.
> Meanwhile, due to restructuring of the whole company to supply a new
> level 3 drinking experience, all preexisting phone numbers got
> prepended by "2-".  At least one phonebook slipped through without
> being changed accordingly. The problem of therefore not reaching the
> assembly line at all, however, could be solved on very short notice.
> Thanks to Dennis for helping me, raising the importance and inspiring
> me to talk about it.
>   Matthias
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