[Pulp-dev] User-facing changes to Pulp Smash

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Fri Jul 20 20:22:17 UTC 2018

Major user-facing changes to Pulp Smash are now complete, and the milestone
<https://github.com/PulpQE/pulp-smash/milestone/26> tracking this work is
now closed. Importantly, *Pulp 2 tests have moved to a new repository.*
Specifically, they've moved from Pulp Smash
<https://github.com/PulpQE/pulp-smash> to Pulp 2 Tests
<https://github.com/PulpQE/pulp-2-tests>. For detailed information on Pulp
2 Tests, see the Pulp 2 Tests documentation
<https://pulp-2-tests.readthedocs.io/en/latest/>. Pulp 3 tests remain in
Pulp Smash.

As a Pulp Smash user, what do you have to do?

   - If testing Pulp 2:
   1. Install `pulp-2-tests` instead of `pulp-smash`.
      2. Invoke the tests in the new namespace with `python -m unittest
      discover pulp_2_tests.tests`, or the equivalent for your test runner of
   - If testing Pulp 3:
      - Regenerate your configuration file.
      - Consider migrating tests from Pulp Smash to whatever plugin you're
      working on.
      - Consider depending on a specific version of Pulp Smash. For an
      example, see Pulp 2 Tests PR 3

Also of interest is that Pulp Smash's versioning scheme has changed.
Releases are no longer date-based, with versions like 2018.7.19. Releases
are now semantically versioned, with versions like 1!0.0.1.
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