[Pulp-dev] Pulp3 Ansible Installer Temporarily Removal and Unification

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Fri Mar 9 22:00:13 UTC 2018

I'd like to request that we actually do something different:

   1. For now, leave the ansible-pulp3 installer alone. If someone makes a
   good pull request, we merge it. Otherwise, we leave it alone.
   2. Work on the Ansible code in pulp/devel. Make it satisfy developer,
   QE, and eventually end-user use cases.
   3. Once the Ansible code in pulp/devel is good enough, move it into the
   ansible-pulp3 repository, and publish it as a role. Do future development
   work there.

I'm confident that this will produce some good results. Using this
approach, *I've made the pulp/devel Ansible installer support RHEL 7.* I'm
sure I could also accomplish other goals like making it easy to switch
between AMQP brokers, web servers, etc. I'd love it if y'all could start
reviewing my pull requests against pulp/devel
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