[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3.0 Core Beta on 25-Apr-2018

Robin Chan rchan at redhat.com
Mon Mar 12 17:26:35 UTC 2018

We have been busy working on the Pulp 3.0 Core Beta, the next step in our
roadmap to a Pulp 3 GA.

One of the Pulp 3 key objectives was to provide a true plugin API. Since
the September 2017 Pulp 3 Plugin API Alpha release, we have appreciated the
active reception and valuable feedback. The feedback we have received from
the community has been key in validating and informing some design
decisions shaping the Pulp core functionality.

We are working toward completing this core functionality and are excited to
announce our plans for the Pulp 3.0 Core Beta deliverable.  This email
describes the value proposition for Pulp 3.0 Core Beta, the feature set of
the deliverable, and when it will be delivered. We invite to you review
this milestone and provide feedback.

Value - What will this do for me?

Pulp 3.0 Core Beta will provide all major functionality required by most
users and a Plugin API to allow power users and plugin writers to start
planning the impact of moving to Pulp 3.0 from Pulp 2.0 including writing

What is it?

We have loosely discussed and described most of the functionality in the
https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/wiki/Pulp_3_Minimum_Viable_Product. The
Pulp 3.0 Core Beta will also commit to delivery of a few more items of
interest to our community that are described below.

*Highlights of the Pulp 3.0 Core Beta Stack - Relational Database:
Compatible with PostgreSQL and SQLite- Scalable workers safely running
concurrent tasks- Compatible with Qpid Proton and RabbitMQ - Web servers:
Compatible with Apache, Nginx, and Django development server - Installation
via PyPI, source, or RPMFeatures: - REST API- Fetch (sync) content from
external sources- Upload content- Versioned Repositories- Fast Promotion
and RollbackPlugin API - Semantically versioned- Provides utilities:-
Concurrent downloads- Safely adding/removing units to repository versions
and publications- Tasking integration- Filesystem managementDocumentation -
Conceptual overview- Plugin Writer Docs- REST API documentationThe Pulp 3.0
core beta will be released alongside plugin betas: - pulp_file-
pulp_ansible- pulp_pythonRoadmaps for Pulp 3.0 beta compatible plugins: -
RPM- Docker- OSTreeThe Pulp 3.0 Core Beta will be available Wednesday April
25, 2018.-Robin Chan*
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