[Pulp-dev] Removing a few sprint items?

Jeremy Audet jaudet at redhat.com
Thu Mar 15 16:06:09 UTC 2018

QE wants #2921 to be done. We consider testing with a full
production-quality stack to be very important. I'm happy to do the work,

   - My understanding is that the dev team is currently fully committed to
   other things.
   - Working on adding web server support into the Ansible code in
   pulp/devel gives me a chance to also accomplish additional goals, like:
      - Let the Ansible code target non-Vagrant VMs. #114
      - Improve code quality. #123 <https://github.com/pulp/devel/pull/123>
      - Let the pulp-from-source.yml playbook execute more quickly. #129
      <https://github.com/pulp/devel/pull/129>, #130
      <https://github.com/pulp/devel/pull/130>, #131
      - Let the Ansible code target non-Fedora hosts. #133
      - ...and so on.

So long as I continue to get code reviews, there's a good chance the
ansible code in pulp/devel can be made to suppot web servers.
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