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Milan Kovacik mkovacik at redhat.com
Fri Mar 16 15:55:25 UTC 2018

On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 9:21 PM, Austin Macdonald <austin at redhat.com> wrote:

> I spoke with daviddavis about this and I would like to narrow the scope a
> bit. This discussion should be limited to endpoints that deploy tasks. The
> possibility for collisions that David pointed out regarding
> v3/content/<type>/ is real, but should be discussed separately because
> Content objects should follow the pattern of the other plugin defined
> objects. All of them are master/detail so the namespacing
> v3/plugin/<type>/content/ would go deeply against the grain.
> On Mar 15, 2018 10:53, "David Davis" <daviddavis at redhat.com> wrote:
> I have an amendment to this proposal. Instead of namespacing just the
> plugin task routes, I’d propose we namespace all plugin routes. Thus all
> plugin routes would be namespaced under something like
> “/api/v3/plugin/<plugin name>/“. For example, “/api/v3/content/file/” gets
> moved to “/api/v3/plugin/file/content/” and so on.
> For task routes, plugins could still route to a pulpcore viewset/action:
> User route: POST /api/v3/plugin/file/repository_version/ add_content=[…]
> Routes to: POST /api/v3/tasks plugin=file task=create_repository_version
> add_content=[…]
> AFAIK, we don't have a good mechanism for validating and re-routing
> endpoints quite like this. Instead, a view or viewset would be created,
> validation performed, and then a task is deployed. The task itself could be
> a vanilla task from pulpcore though. Another issue is that a POST to
> v3/plugin/file/repository_version/ implies that the resultant
> repository_version is typed in some way. The created resource href would
> still take the form v3/repositories/1234/versions/2/, so I think this is
> a little misleading.

+1 to generic Pulp concepts/objects staying outside of a plug-in

> For the other endpoint:
>  /api/v3/tasks plugin=file task=create_repository_version add_content=[…]
> There is a still the problem is that POST requests should not contain
> parameters that influence the allowable parameter set. For instance,
> plugin=python might require an additional parameter that is not allowed for
> the file plugin. In particular, this affects the auto-documented REST API.

> However, the concept in general could work. I've adapted David's
> suggestion and will present it side by side with the original idea. Note,
> this only applies to "actions", which are sync, publish, add/remove, and
> plugin-specific actions (including rich-dependency adding).
> The difference between the two ideas is based in semantics. Both would
> deploy the same task functions.
> "Action Based"
> POST v3/plugin/file/sync/
> Note that "sync" is singular. This is a file-plugin action to sync using
> the body parameters.

- 1 as this might imply mixing <synchronous> and <asynchronous> actions
while all the time, asynchronous actions, such as the sync call, always
create a task object; the user would be creating the task objects at one
endpoint but deleting, filtering, tracking those at another.

> "Task Object Based"
> POST v3/tasks/file/syncs/
> Note that "syncs" is plural. This is a POST that creates a file-sync task
> object,.

+ 1 for typed objects

    # adding content to a repo version (already mentioned by Austin but I
like it)
    POST at v3/tasks/docker/content_additions/

    # synchronize the Zoo repo
    pulp-admin create tasks rpm syncs --repo-id zoo --importer-id
zoo-importer --sync-config-override '{"ssl": "false"}' --format=json | tee
/tmp/inttest01_sync_task.json | pulp-admin track tasks --format json -

    # get all docker content additions tasks since yesterday
    pulp-admin list tasks docker content_additions --format=csv
--fields=id,worker_id --filter=started_at__gt=<yesterday>

    # get all tasks since yesterday
    pulp-admin list tasks  --filter=started_at__gt=<yesterday> --format=yaml

> Discussion:
> Another consideration is "Where will a Live API live?". A benefit of
> David's proposal is that we would be providing plugins with a namespaced
> area to do whatever they need, from live api to actions. We probably would
> want to create this namespace for things like live apis even if we go in
> the tasks/file/syncs/ direction. The only downside of this part of David's
> proposal is that our endpoints will still be "action" verbs instead of
> nouns, and I am ok with that.

I'd suggest live API actions that create task object subclasses (generic
Pulp concept) reside in namespaced tasks path; this would still allow the
user to apply generic concepts

    pulp-admin create tasks file frobications --foo=bar --format json |
pulp-admin track tasks --format json --

Other live API endpoints (not creating task objects) might be kept under
    POST at v3/plugins/file/shake/<{level: strong}

pulp-admin plugins file shake --level=strong

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