[Pulp-dev] let's rename RepositoryVersion to Snapshot

Austin Macdonald austin at redhat.com
Tue Mar 20 14:05:47 UTC 2018

"Snapshot" is a nice way to explain what a RepositoryVersion is, especially
in the context of Publications. "Publish a snapshot."  I like the idea, and
I informally floated it around PulpCon but decided not to propose it

   - Snapshot is a little misleading about the actual data we store.
   Specifically, since RepositoryVersions are stored as diffs, when a user
   views the "content in a version", this is calculated. This is a subtle
   point, and hopefully not user facing at all, but I think snapshot implies a
   little bit more certainty than we can offer.
   - A snapshot also implies a slightly different workflow to me. The
   workflow I expect with snapshots is to change Repositories "willy nilly",
   and when you are satisfied, you "take" an snapshot. Versions imply the
   workflow we have, which is that any time the content set of a Repository is
   changed, a new version is created.

However, I think those concerns are minor and are overshadowed by the
potential benefits. Also, I see a direct connection to the thread "Plugin
relationship to tasks". The name Snapshot/RepositoryVersion is part of the
choice of how we portray the changing of content set of a repo.

   1. We can "change a repo" which creates a new version.
   2. We can "create a new version" which has different content.

To me (1) implies "dispatching a task that has the side effect of creating
a new repository version. It would lend itself well to the concept of
"managing repositories" rather than "managing versions/snapshots". If we
choose this way, I think the name Snapshot conceptually makes sense.

(2) implies a POST to create a new RepositoryVersion. As explained in the
plugin tasks thread, there are some problems with this, but it is similar
to the concept of creating a git commit. I think we wouldn't think of
"creating a new Snapshot" to change the content.

On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 9:33 AM, Dennis Kliban <dkliban at redhat.com> wrote:

> I propose that we rename the RepositoryVersion model in Pulp 3 to
> Snapshot. The REST API would also change to use /api/v3/repositories/<uuid>/
> snapshot/
> The Snapshot name is a better description of what a repository version is
> and it is also much shorter in length.
> Thoughts?
> -Dennis
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