[Pulp-dev] Lazy for Pulp3

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Wed May 16 17:02:51 UTC 2018

A mini-team of @jortel, @ttereshc, @ipanova, @dkliban, and @bmbouter met
today to discuss Lazy use-cases for Pulp3. The "initial" use cases would
all be delivered together as the first implementation to be used with Pulp
3.0. The ones for "later" are blocked on other gaps in core's functionality
(specifically content protection) which should come with 3.1+.

Feedback on these use cases is welcome. We are meeting again on this
upcoming Monday, after which, we will writeup the work into Redmine. We'll
email this thread with links to the Redmine plan when it's available for

Initial use cases are:

   - pull-through caching of packages (squid)

   - parallel streaming of bits to multiple clients (squid)

   - Pulp redirects to squid when content is not already downloaded (pulp)

   - streaming data and headers (streamer)

   - After streamer downloads the content, the new Artifact is created and
   associated with the correct ContentArtifact (downloader)

   - to use a configured downloader, configured by the correct remote. This
   would correctly configure authentication, proxy, mirrorlists, etc. when
   fetching content (streamer)

Use cases to be implemented later. Currently blocked because Pulp itself
doesn't verify client entitlement for content currently.

   - authentication of the client to verify they are entitled to the content
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