[Pulp-dev] Pulp 3.0.0b3 released

Dennis Kliban dkliban at redhat.com
Wed May 16 23:22:42 UTC 2018

The following packages are now available on PyPI:

pulpcore 3.0.0b3
pulpcore-common 3.0.0b3
pulpcore-plugin 0.1.0b2

   - Comprehensive list of changes and bugfixes for beta 3 can be found

*Breaking Changes*

   - Tasking system switching from Celery+RabbitMQ to RQ+Redis. This
   breaking change impacts both plugin writers and users. See the blog post
   about this change and how to update[1].

pulp-file 0.0.1b3 has also been published to PyPI.

pulp_python and pulp_ansible plugins should be published tomorrow.


[1] https://pulpproject.org/2018/05/08/pulp3-moving-to-rq/
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