[Pulp-dev] Integrating Katello with Pulp3 Recap

Robin Chan rchan at redhat.com
Thu May 17 19:43:44 UTC 2018

+1 to the schedule - we have folks who will likely head up different
efforts and we will want them to participate.

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 3:32 PM, Brian Bouterse <bbouters at redhat.com> wrote:

> Today @dkliban, @daviddavis, and I met with two Katello developers,
> @jsherrill and @paji, to talk through some of the integration of Katello
> and Pulp3. Here is a recap of what we discussed, a goal we identified, and
> next steps.
> # What we discussed
> We went through Katello's UI and learned about:
> - the various filtering needs of Katello. Pulp is pretty well setup to do
> this already. I say filtering because the value is being matched, compared,
> substring matched, etc for a specific field. They need to filter by a group
> of repositories. For example, show me all RPM packages that are in
> repositories X, Y, and Z as one filter. Similarly show me all RPM packages
> that are in repository versions W, Q, T.
> - full text search. Katello needs to be able to search for a term,
> full-text style across some set of tables. Pulp does not have this
> currently. It would be limited to some tables; knowing which tables need to
> be searched would always be known.
> - "groups of repos". Katello subscribes a machine to a "set of repos" all
> of which Katello treats as one thing. This allows the client to stay
> subscribed to one set of content which makes repo protection easier because
> you don't have to change certs constantly. Then the content in those repos
> is what changes. This means when Katello does something it typically
> involves that same operation for a group of repos.
> - applicability. There are calculations that Katello has done above and
> beyond Pulp even in Pulp2. Pulp should be able to run all calculations that
> Katello needs to avoid them having to reindex the content to run those same
> calculations.
> # A goal identified
> To move work into Pulp such that Katello never needs to reindex Pulp's
> content.
> # Next Steps
> We're going to map out the existing Katello application page-by-page and
> capture use cases for each. We will do this over a series of meetings,
> two-per week. At our next meeting we are outlining a schedule of all the
> pages.
> For each item we will outline a very-brief technical plan (a few words) of
> the steps katello will take when interacting with Pulp for each. We will
> also clearly sort use cases into those that have all the necessary Pulp
> parts already in place and those that Pulp cannot yet fulfill.
> Our next report will contain the list of topics with a proposed schedule
> of the first few and what they will cover. This will likely live on the
> wiki.
> Comments, ideas, discussion, concerns, etc are all welcome.
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