[Pulp-dev] is 3.0-dev branch ready to become master?

Patrick Creech pcreech at redhat.com
Tue May 22 14:56:22 UTC 2018

On Mon, 2018-05-21 at 19:51 -0400, Dennis Kliban wrote:
> We need to start planning the creation of  a "2.17-dev" branch from the current master and merging "3.0-dev" into "master". We would then create new "2.Y-dev" branch after each "2.Y.0" release. All
> 3.0 work would then land on master.  

Might I suggest a y-version agnostic 2-dev or 2-master or similar branch instead?  This would reflect better the state of the branch as "Pulp 2 master" and will prevent us from having to rename a lot
of items each release. 

This would also help enforce our cherry-pick model of 'merge to master, pick back to -release branches for releases' and will provide us a feature branch to branch off our '2.y-release' branches
without adding in confusion each .y cycle.

> Do our release engineering tools support this change? If not, what would it take to support it?

Yes.  There'd be some small changes required to use the new master branch insted of 'master', but that's it.

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