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Jeff Ortel jortel at redhat.com
Tue May 22 16:37:32 UTC 2018

Thanks for the proposal, Brian.  Looks fine to me.

On 05/21/2018 04:48 PM, Brian Bouterse wrote:
> For core and it's related tools, we don't have a written process to 
> describe giving the commit bit to a contributor. We've been wanting to 
> agree on and document that process for a while, so I'm facilitating 
> thread gathering ideas to inform the writing of a PUP.
> This starter email gives a brief history of what we've done and 
> outlines a simple proposal to get us started. We can throw that 
> proposal away in favor of any other idea.
> # History
> Historically if you were hired onto the Pulp team at Red Hat you 
> received the commit bit day 0. In Oct 2017 we decided to stop doing 
> that and instead document an open process. Engineers hired on the pulp 
> time since Oct '17 have not received commit bit. We have not yet 
> documented an open process of which to give it to them or any other 
> proven contributor.
> # Current State
> The current core devs as shown on github are: asmacdo, bizhang, 
> bmbouter, daviddavis, dkliban, dalley, ipanova, jortel, pcreech, ttereshc
> # Scope of this discussion
> pulp/pulp, pulp/devel, and any repos for the Pulp3 Ansible installer. 
> It applies to both Pulp2 and Pulp3. Plugins will do what they want.
> # Process Idea
> One process idea is to add a new core committer upon a vote with +1's 
> received from all current core developers. The thinking is that all 
> current core devs needs to be 100% comfortable for the new person to 
> handle any issue in place of themselves.
> # Criteria
> Overall I believe someone who has demonstrated commitment and care 
> towards the needs of all Pulp users and not only their own interests. 
> Also they must have the experience to be trusted with major aspects of 
> Pulp functionality.
> These requirements are somewhat vague by design. Any process with hard 
> requirements will be gamed so I believe leaving it to the judgement of 
> the existing devs is a safe approach. Anyone who specifically wants to 
> get more involved should approach the core devs about mentorship. I 
> think the right time will be obvious, and if there are doubts those 
> can be expressed ahead of time or at vote time.
> # Code owners
> This commit bit vote could be for entire core repos, or it could be 
> for a subsystem of Pulp enforced using github's "code owners" feature 
> (https://blog.github.com/2017-07-06-introducing-code-owners/ 
> <https://blog.github.com/2017-07-06-introducing-code-owners/>).
> ^ is starter content, please send ideas and discussion that will be 
> incorporated into a first draft PEP at some point.
> -Brian
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