[Pulp-dev] commit-bit nomination

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 12:26:07 UTC 2018

I was hoping for more discussion before the calling of a vote. I'm a
committer in both of these areas, and this nomination surprised me since
we've never talked about either change. I have concerns both with
increasing the sizes of these teams and also with this specific nomination
at this time.

With Pulp2 nearing maintenance mode, the core and plugin teams need to
assess what their needs are both in code and people. I feel that with 9
people on the core team, maintaining vision is hard/impossible, and the
mailing list discussions have demonstrated that. Also consider that Pulp3
is an order of magnitude smaller codebase (literally) so keeping the same
number of committers seems too many. I also feel that any committer being
added should already be very involved, contributing features and
discussion, not added and then gotten involved. Milan has been very
involved in Pulp2 RPM work, but Pulp2 and Pulp3 are very different.
pulp_rpm for Pulp3 is nearly feature complete and Milan hasn't been
involved in any of that planning or implementation. Maybe the Pulp3/2 teams
should be split? Either way, this type of conversation is probably best
suited for discussion amongst each plugin group as they determine what
their needs are.

@Milan I think one area the core team does need leadership now is on
pulp2->3 migration planning. I think that would be a good way to get more
involved as a non-committer to demonstrate epic-level feature planning,
show more collaboration, and clearer communication. Those are the main
aspects I'm looking for. I can give feedback directly too if that's helpful.

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 10:44 AM, Daniel Alley <dalley at redhat.com> wrote:

> Now that PUP 6 has been merged, it's time to follow the process :)
> I would like to nominate Milan Kovacik (mkovacik at redhat.com) for a commit
> bit on these repositories:
>    - pulp
>    - pulp_rpm
>    - devel
> Milan has demonstrated a consistent dedication to quality in his
> contributions and his reviews.  I believe his work speaks for itself :).
> The vote end date is September 12th, seven days from today.
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