[Pulp-dev] Pulp2 Bug Backlog Closing?

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Tue Apr 2 21:05:40 UTC 2019

As Pulp2 approaches the maintenance mode we have a large number of Pulp2
bugs open. A query [0] shows 1125 open Pulp2 bugs alone as of just now. We
will likely address a small set of these before Pulp2 reaches its final
release. What can we do to bring transparency into what will versus won't
be fixed for Pulp2?

The most reasonable option I can think to propose is a mass-close of the
Pulp2 bugs except for those that we are actively working or planning to
start work soon on. Overall I believe Pulp2 is nearing a point that if we
aren't actively working or planning something for it we won't want to leave
it open on the "Pulp 2 backlog ". Bugs accidentally closed could be
reopened without much trouble probably.

What do you think about the of a close-all-but-active Pulp2 bugs idea?
How would you coordinate such an effort?

[0]: https://tinyurl.com/y289wx5p

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