[Pulp-dev] Content Copy (between repos)

Daniel Alley dalley at redhat.com
Thu Apr 4 18:35:33 UTC 2019

Content copy between repositories is critically important to Katello
integration and is something that we have not really addressed yet.  It
also needs to be completed before the RPM plugin can begin work on
depsolving.  The story that results from this discussion should probably be
put on one of the next 1-3 sprints and not wait any longer than that.

Repositories are generic to all types of content, but copy operations
between repositories will need type-specific options defined by the plugin
for e.g. advanced copy w/ depsolving.  Therefore we need to find a design
for this functionality where it will make sense that makes sense from a
usage perspective and an implementation perspective.

To get this discussion started, here's some suggestions about how this
could work from the user perspective (presented without much thought put
into how it would be implemented).

Create a "Copier" object, like a Remote, that stores it's own settings and
has one or many endpoints (like "/sync/") that can be POSTed to and return
a task and create a new repository version.

POST /pulp/v3/api/copiers/rpm/$endpoint_name/ content_units=[...]  [more

The copier would store settings such as "recursive" and the "source" and
"destination" repositories.  And let's say they can be overriden.

Or, create new endpoints without any associated DB models, like one-shot
upload does:

variant 1:  POST /pulp/v3/api/content/rpm/packages/copy/
content_units=[...] source="..." destination="..."  [more params...]

variant 2: POST  /pulp/v3/api/copy/rpm/package/ content_units=[...]
source="..." destination="..."  [more params...]

Since basic copy support (just copying the units, no depsolving, etc.)
could in theory be implemented completely generically, it would be nice if
we could provide that for free somehow.  But I don't immediately see a way
of doing so.

I welcome any suggestions or input.
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