[Pulp-dev] CI/CD meeting notes

David Davis daviddavis at redhat.com
Wed Dec 18 21:19:40 UTC 2019

December 18, 2018

Story #5762: [Epic] CI Improvements <https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5762>


   Move fixtures from fedorapeople to github

      AI: dkliban will file it

   Prioritize speed issues

pulp-operator repo


   Attempting to update with more Travis checks (eg

Cherry pick processor https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5795


   Using python (instead of bash)? Can use python libraries (PyGithub, etc)

      Yes, using python for faster dev, maintainability

   Need a user to open PRs. pulpbot <https://github.com/pulpbot>?

      +1 to pulpbot

   Config variables: cherrypick_automation (true/false), stable_branch (eg

Do we need 2 teams?


   Continuous Integration x Ansible Installer

      [daviddavis] +1. I am interested/have expertise in CI but not the

      [mikedep333] +1 The ansible installer is only used for CI in its own
      CI, and pulp_rpm_prrequisites.



   Run pulp-insta-demo locally

PulpQE repos have been moved over. PR to fix references are open and will
be merged today.

Should we email out notes or give updates at the weekly team meeting?


   Will send out meeting notes to pulp-dev

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